Quarterly Roadmap - Jul, Aug, Sep 2021

We prioritize the features in our roadmap based on the feedback customers like you give us. The idea to publish this list out in the public is to give you an indication of where we are heading.
In the current quarter, these are some of the key things you can expect to be available in FP Platform, among many other improvements.

1. Bank Account Verification Service

The current offerings in the market to facilitate bank account verification, are not end to end and don't have a fallback mechanism in place. With FP APIs, you'll be able to verify your investors redemption bank a/cs instantly and also provide a seamless experience of the fallback process.

2. User Profiles for Multi Assets

Some of FP's customers provide an ability to their investors to invest in other asset class products like Digital Gold, Insurance Schemes, Fixed Deposits etc. If you are one of them, you are most probably dealing with multiple systems and your investors data is duplicated across them, resulting in inconsistent user experience. With our new User Profiles Service, you'll be able to use it as a single source of truth for all your investors data across different asset class products.

3. Enhanced SIP APIs

You'll be able to make the SIPs on your platform much more flexible with these features
a) SIP instalments can be paid via other payment modes like netbanking and UPI apart from the current eNACH mandates
b) Payment debits for the SIP instalments will happen on the day of the instalment instead of 2 days before
c) Ability to club payment collections (single payment debit) for multiple installments on the same day
d) Ability to accept payment for the first instalment of an SIP on the same day of registration

4. BSE Order Gateway - Enhanced integration

For our customers using BSE as an Order Gateway, we are adding support for
a) switch, stp and swp transactions

5. Predefined investor reports

Currently our customers use the cleaned up, base transactional data from FP APIs and compose variety of investor reports suitable to their investor segment. With predefined reports you'll be able to get the most common reports like capital gains report, tax report etc. out of the box which you can directly share with your investors.

6. Enabling MIS Reports in FP Dashboard

Currently our customers extract raw data from FP and generate business analytics and track metrics suitable for their business. Going forward you'll be able to see those reports directly in your FP Dashboard.