Quarterly Roadmap - Oct, Nov, Dec 2021

We prioritize the features in our roadmap based on the feedback customers like you give us. The idea to publish this list out in the public is to give you an indication of where we are heading.
In the current quarter, these are some of the key things you can expect to be available in FP Platform, among many other improvements.

Feature Remarks
BSE UPI Payments Accept payments for lumpsum purchases via UPI
BSE First order SIP Accept the payment for the first installment of the SIP on the day of SIP creation(via Netbanking/UPI) even though mandate is not approved
BSE SWP Create monthly systematic withdrawal plans on BSE
BSE STP Create monthly systematic transfer plans on BSE.
V2 Switch V2 APIs to create BSE/RTA switch orders.
Razorpay SDK options Build custom checkout experiences using Razorpay SDK options
BSE order auto cancellation All the BSE orders submitted via FP which have become INVALID at BSE will be automatically marked as FAILED at FP too.
Cancel orders rejected by RTA Read CAMS WBR 46 and KFintech NiGO files and mark corresponding orders as FAILED
KYC Requests list report Fetch the status of multiple KYC requests at once and check whether the SUBMITTED kyc requests are approved or rejected.
Dashboard - Entity Listing View the following entities and filter them by state
1. Purchase orders
2. Redemption orders.
3. Switch orders
4. Payments
5. Mandates
6. Settlements
7. SIPs
8. STPs
9. SWPs