Go live checklist for distributors w/ RTAs


You need to do the following activities before you can start distributing mutual funds on FP:

  1. Get your distribution license (You'll need a minimum of 2 weeks for this)
  2. Signup with AMCs as Channel Partner (You'll need a minimum of 4 weeks for this)
  3. Register with CAMS & KFintech RTAs
  4. Signup with Razorpay for Payments
  5. Signup with CVL KRA for checking KYC (You'll need 2-3 weeks for this)

Activate your FP Account

After you got your license and completed your signups as mentioned in the Prerequisites section above, provide us the following information to activate your FP account.

1. Business details

  • ARN (Registration Number issued by AMFI)
  • RIA code (Registered Investment Advisor code issued by SEBI)
  • EUIN (Employee unique identification number)
  • Registered location of your business

2. AMC details

  • List of AMCs whose schemes you want enabled for distribution

Collection bank account details for each AMC that needs to be enabled

  • Bank name
  • Account holder name
  • Account number
  • IFSC code


Required details

  • User code
  • Online broker code
  • STP credentials
    • STP username
    • STP password
  • Answers to CAMS Fundsnet security questions

4. Karvy

Required details

  • User code
  • Broker code
  • STP credentials
    • STP username
    • STP password
    • STP app identifier
    • STP arn number
    • STP branch code

5. CVL KRA A/c details

  • CVL Username
  • CVL POS Code
  • CVL Password

6. Razorpay

Razorpay account 1 (with third party validation enabled)

  • Merchant ID
  • Live account api key id
  • Live account api key secret

Razorpay account 2 (with third party validation disabled)

  • Merchant ID
  • Live account api key id
  • Live account api key secret
  • ENach/E-mandate processing terminal bank (Contact your Razorpay Relationship Manager)
  • ENach/E-mandate processing cut-off time (Contact your Razorpay Relationship Manager)

7. Postback URLs

  • Default Netbanking payment postback URL
  • Default e-mandate authorization postback URL