Sell a mutual fund w/ Old APIs

Facilitate redemptions for your investor

Mutual fund units are associated with folios. You can treat folios as sub-accounts under the investment account. You can fetch the list of folios for an investment a/c from the holdings report . redeemable_units shows the number of units that are available for selling. You can use the FP APIs to sell the units partially or in total.

1. Create a sell order

Call the Create sell order with the following json. Pass the folio_number and isin according to the account from which you wish to sell the units from.

  "orders": [
      "folio_number": "45323/45",
      "isin": "INF109K01VQ1",
      "type": "units",
      "amount": 450

An order gets created with PENDING status. Keep a note of the order id for tracking the status of the order.

2. Check the order status

Call the get order to check the status of the order.
When the order is successfully submitted to the AMC, the order status becomes SUBMITTED. Learn more about the order states


In sandbox environment, you can use the simulation to simulate successful and failed orders to help you during the integration process. Use the following json to simulate the order to successful state.

  "status": "SUCCESSFUL"