Order States

  • The platform supports different types of orders (lumpsum purchases, additional lumpsum purchases, SIPs, redemptions, instant redemptions, etc.).
  • Each order has its own workflow and depending on the stage of the workflow and other conditions, the state of the order changes.

Status Comments
pending The order is created and waiting for confirmation for further processing
cancelled The order is cancelled. Canceled orders are not sent for processing. Note: Only pending orders can be cancelled
confirmed The order is ready for processing. The order details cannot be updated at this state
submitted The order is submitted successfully for further processing. It could be sumitted to the RTAs or AMCs or BSE depending on the order gateway
successful The order is processed successfuly
failed The order processing failed
reversed A previously successfuly order is reversed

Order States for Old APIs

Status Comments
PENDING The order has been created in Fintech Primitives but has not been submitted to the relevant system. A reason could be that the payment for the order is in pending state. The order is submitted only when both the order and the related payment have the relevant states.
CANCELLED The order has been cancelled. Canceled orders are not submitted to further systems for processing. Note: Only pending orders can be cancelled.
PAYMENT_CONFIRMED This is applicable only for a purchase order. Such orders are submitted to the relevant systems subsequently.
SUBMITTED Order submitted to the relevant systems for further processing.
SUCCESSFUL Order has been successfuly processed by the relevant systems.
FAILED Order processing failed.
REVERSED The change caused by the order has been reversed for some reason.