Required information about the investor

All the data points needed for a kyc application

Data points

The following information about the investor needs to be collected for a successful kyc submission

  1. Full name of the investor ( name )
  2. PAN number of the investor ( pan )
  3. Email ID and mobile number of the investor ( email, mobile )
  4. Date of birth ( date_of_birth )
  5. Last 4 digits of the Aadhaar number ( aadhaar_number )
  6. Father name or spouse name in full ( father_name, spouse_name )
  7. Mother name in full ( mother_name )
  8. Gender ( gender )
  9. Country of birth ( country_of_birth )
  10. Marital status ( marital_status )
  11. Residential status ( currently we only support indian resident individual ) ( residential_status )
  12. Occupation ( occupation_type )
  13. Address with proof ( address )
  14. PAN card copy ( identity_proof )
  15. Signature scan ( signature )
  16. Photo ( photo )
  17. Verification video ( ipv_video )
  18. Bank account details with proof ( bank_account )
  19. Geo location ( geolocation )
  20. Fatca/CRS self declaration (TBD)
  21. Electronic signature on the application form

*TBD: We will provide the field names when the APIs are released

Accepted address proofs

The following address proofs are accepted currently. We will include more in the future.

Address proof Data required
Passport 1. Passport number
2. Front page and back page scan of the passport
3. Passport issue date and expiry date
Driving licence 1. Driving licence number
2. Front page and back page scan of the licence
3. Licence issue date and expiry date
Voter's identity card 1. ID card number
2. Front page and back page scan of the ID

Accepted bank account proofs

The following bank account proofs are accepted currently.

Bank account proof Notes
Cancelled cheque Front scan of the cancelled cheque containing account number, name of the account holder and IFSC code
Passbook statement Front page scan of the passbook which contains name of the account holder and account number

In person verification video

The verification video

  • should be atleast 10 seconds long to be able to clearly detect the face of the person
  • should have the investor reading the 6 digit OTP or he/she displaying the OTP written on a piece of paper

We have made some sample videos for your referene:

Investor reading the 6 digit OTP loud
Investor displaying the 6 digit OTP

Esign on the application form

Here is a sample video of how the esign experience is for your investor on production: