How can I start using the platform?

You can get started through the sandbox access instantly.
Please email us at

Do I need to build my own application layer / front end application / web application / mobile app?

You are free to choose - build with your inhouse tech team / your own development agency or our partner development companies.

What all do I receive when I sign up to use your APIs?

  • Instant sandbox access
  • Dedicated and secure infrastructure setup
  • Facilitation and help with all ecosystem partners (AMCs, Payment Gateways, Data providers, RTAs, KRAs, etc)
  • Suggestions/reviews of your user experience journey from our Fintech experts
  • Recommendations on the latest use cases that can be enabled through our APIs
  • Developer solutioning - Assistance from our product and tech teams; to help your developers integrate and ship workflows quickly

What additional services could I avail apart from the APIs?

  • Managed Operations / Back office operations (Zero operations team)
  • Migration of customers from other platforms or channels (on case to case basis)